The Time Is Now!Radio was birthed out of the illumination of The Holy Spirit of The Most High Creator God!! I was radically born-again June 29,2018 and since then I have been seeking for truth and the good things of God. He has put a passion in my heart for His word and now Christian/Faith based music. This radio station will primarily spin alternative/b-side/ and non-mainstream Christian/faith based music.

This station will also be in prayer for you and will have different messages, teaching and prayer time. We will be working hard to keep you updated with end-time/prophetic events and world news in relation to biblical principles and prophecy. The Time Is Now!Radio will be a great alternative to the mainstream Christian stations and in hopes to open your eyes and ears to different styles and shapes of Christian artists and as well to open your eyes to what we are going through as a body and church of Jesus Christ.

The Time Is Now!Radio is based on 2 Corinthians 6:2. Earlier this year of 2020, I kept saying “expect the unexpected”. This phrase has never been truer and real after a crisis that has changed the shape of our living reality. I believe that we are in the “beginning of sorrows” which is part of the teaching from Yeshua in Matthew 24. We believe in getting a strong and urgent message out to any listener that has an ear to hear and a heart to receive the goodness of God through His Son Yeshua-Jesus Christ. HE IS The Only way, the only Truth and The Only Life!!(John 14:6)

We thank you for listening and remember The Time Is Now!!

Be Blessed in Jesus Mighty Name!


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