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Calling on The Name of The Lord

Genesis 12:8Then he proceeded from there to the mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; and there he built an altar to the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord. Genesis 26:25So he built an altar there and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched his tent there; and there Isaac’s servants dug […]

todayFebruary 27, 2021 53


Dr. Carrie

Believe it or not; back in July when I was getting deeper into the vaccine research I was stuck and needed some more guidance as far as how to explain the discoveries that I was making. God had already given my mother a prophetic dream about the vaccine certificates in March and that is what got me on the research; but I asked The Lord to send me a Doctor […]

todayJanuary 31, 2021 11


The New mRNA COVID Vaccines Inject an Operating System into Your Body – Not a Conspiracy Theory, Moderna Admits It

Article by Health Impact News In this interview, Catherine compared the new mRNA COVID vaccines to a computer operating system, stating that just like computer operating systems such as Windows, that there would be a “back door” where the technocrats will be able to control our bodies through regular “updates.” I thought it was a brilliant analogy of what the technocrats seek to accomplish with this new class of vaccines. […]

todayJanuary 31, 2021 6


Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

Clip taken from Health Impact News. Watch the video on their website below. Article is also from Health Impact News. by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces […]

todayJanuary 31, 2021 1


Dr. Simone Gold

Click on this photo which will take you to the Bitchute video. This is a video of explaining in more detail and from her experience how fraudulent all of this is. As well; we need to be praying for this woman. I believe that she may had been arrested so let's keep her covered in The Blood of Jesus!

todayJanuary 31, 2021 5


Deceptive Preaching

In my day I have listened to a lot of Joseph Prince teaching; however over the last few years I have been very weary of his practices and then caught a few video's breaking down his teachings word for word and his practices are highly deceptive. This station is not about "Apostasy Reports" or anything like that but I found a list of 50 Things Joseph Prince has been called […]

todayJanuary 26, 2021 3


15 Important Scriptures

A few months ago, I listed eight passages of Scripture every Christian needs to commit to memory. The response to the post has been great and I have been encouraged at the hunger to memorize Scripture I have seen. At the end of the post, I asked what passages people would add to the list. If you look back at the original post, every passage contains at least six verses and […]

todayJanuary 21, 2021 4


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