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Believe it or not; back in July when I was getting deeper into the vaccine research I was stuck and needed some more guidance as far as how to explain the discoveries that I was making. God had already given my mother a prophetic dream about the vaccine certificates in March and that is what got me on the research; but I asked The Lord to send me a Doctor that was on the same page as far as belief’s and outlook on the virus. Low and behold I watched my favorite pastor one Wednesday and he started to speak on the mRNA vaccine and his discoveries including Dr. Carrie Madej; I instantly friended her on Facebook and have been following her work ever since. I am so thankful for her work and diligence; and she is a Christian Doctor that is a truth ambassador and I love her work. I am going to dedicate this page to her work and will be posting some of her broadcasts and interviews here. God Bless Dr. Carrie!!

Great hosts and loved our conversations with Maryam Heinen- fellow freedom and truth warriors!

Posted by Carrie Madej on Saturday, January 30, 2021



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