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In my day I have listened to a lot of Joseph Prince teaching; however over the last few years I have been very weary of his practices and then caught a few video’s breaking down his teachings word for word and his practices are highly deceptive. This station is not about “Apostasy Reports” or anything like that but I found a list of 50 Things Joseph Prince has been called out on and would like to share since I think now I’m confirmed about his deceptive Practices. Thank You.

50 deceptions taught by JOSEPH PRINCE!!! Our Lord Jesus warned us of false teachers deceptively coming in His name while deceiving many believers. (Mat. 24:4-5) I ask you, can anyone be saved while trusting in such heresy? 1-Grace and law are opposites (this lie was advocated by 2nd century heretic “Marcion”) 2-Grace is one-sided and unfair (downplays faith and obedience and misunderstands divine justice) 3- Christianity is effortless (the kingdom of heaven is a welfare state) 4-Asking forgiveness for sin is unnecessary for “believers” 5-Moses and Jesus taught opposite doctrines 6-The law brings condemnation (to the wicked) and therefore Jesus removed it 7-Preaching the law makes people sin more, therefore it should not be taught at church because it will harm your church congregations (better to leave them ignorant I guess) 8-The gift of righteousness means we are righteous even if we are not 9-Unconditional forgiveness 10-God was perpetually angry in the Old Testament and perpetually happy in the New Testament 11-God does not judge nations for wickedness 12-If God judges people, cities and nations today, then He should apologize to Jesus for the cross 13-Believers aren’t punished for sin 14-We never truly stop sinning but God’s ok with that 15-We are not held more accountable to God when we know more, nor do we face greater punishment if we fail having known the truth, nor will we go through greater trials or tribulations as we draw close to God 16-The Word of God doesn’t produce faith, only the Word of Christ 17-The Word of God and the word of Christ don’t agree on some things 18-Christian’s cannot commit the unpardonable sin 19-Once a person is saved they can never be lost 20-Part of Jesus’ teaching is not applicable because it’s “Old Testament” 21- We can’t take doctrine from the gospels because Jesus had not yet risen from the dead yet 22-Paul’s the lead authority on doctrine because he addressed the church 23-Confession of sins for believers is about “being open” with God, not about repentance because we are already forgiven 24-Even though the book of I John was written to the church, the opening chapter is only for Gnostics and therefore we can disregard the instructions to confess our sin 25-Confession of sin is unnecessary because we would have to confess all the time (inferring we would never stop sinning) 26-Paul didn’t teach confession of sins 27-Christ died to save us from the Old Testament covenant 28-Not only should we not teach “the law” from the pulpit, we should only teach grace (even though the New Testament gives 1050 commands for believers to obey, we should still skip that part) 29-Condemnation is the deepest root of all our problems (actually condemnation is caused by sin, hence the deeper problem is sin) 30-An evil conscience is one that convicts you of sin and failure (in other words a WORKING conscience) 31-The Holy Spirit does not convict us of sin or of judgment 32-The Holy Spirit only convicts us of righteousness (when we sin) 33-Satan likes the Ten Commandments 34-The law caused Paul to be deceived in sin 35-Paul continued in sin but realized he was not condemned anyway 36-The prodigal son didn’t really repent, he was just conning his father for food 37-We shouldn’t talk about sin, repentance or judgment from the pulpit, we should only talk about the goodness of God 38-Jesus frequently broke the law of Moses to help sinners 39-God didn’t unconditionally protect rebellious sinners in the Old Testament who were bitten by serpents but He will unconditionally protect rebellious sinners (“Christians”) in the New Testament 40-God had Israel put the Ten Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant to “hide” the law under the mercy seat 41-Abraham had a covenant of grace, but Moses’ had an inferior covenant of works 42-Repentance doesn’t involve mourning or sorrow (or confession) for sin, it just means you changed your mind about something 43-The doctrine of repentance from sin is not for believers 44-Grace is a teacher so we don’t need the law 45-Grace-preaching is the only means of effective evangelism 46-Paul “winked” at the sins of Corinth because they were under grace but firmly rebuked the sins of Galatia because they taught the law 47-“Falling from grace” doesn’t mean sinning, it means reverting to the law.” 48-If you teach the law you are a “man-pleaser” 49-Fasting is unnecessary and is only in the New Testament because fasting enthusiasts added it in later manuscript copies 50-“When Satan tempted Jesus to “turn the stones to bread”, he was actually tempting Jesus to get nourishment from the law instead of trusting in the love of God!!!” From his teachings. And Wikipedia about his family.

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Jan 26,2021

Morning broadcast on the Time Is Now!Radio. Covered walking in the Spirit. Some Scripture covered Romans 8, 1 Peter 3.18, John 14.17, John 16.13, 1 Corinthians 2.10,11. The Time Is Now Radio by Mark S Bush on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

todayJanuary 26, 2021 3

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