The Vax Warning


I started doing research on the “death jab” back in April. Once I found out about the quantum dot tattoo palisade looking patch, I was concerned. After a few weeks of digging around I found out that the research was done by MIT and Rice University; and of course made the obvious connection to Mr. Billy Goat Gates!!

I am starting to try and just post my stuff like this here and just post links but this below is what I was about to post directly to fb but decided to keep doing it this way so that Its slightly more discreet and it’s backed up on my personal site. So, basically this below is what I was about to post:

90% efficacy is a lie.
However there is a 100% chance you will be loaded up with baby parts, and all sorts of other disgusting elements, as well as you will be given the virus, which will contain an element enzyme called “luciferese” and your DNA will change. This info is accurate and backed up by multiple Dr’s I follow. I have talked about this since April..this is just for those that still care to know the truth. If this thing is put into your body, whether by eating it, swallowing a pill, sniffing it(that’s right), a snake bite(needle) or a transdermal patch; if this is put into your system..there is no turning back. If this is taken, it will technically be game over for you and even for humanity for that matter. As we know it we would be no longer in the image of God and thus irredeemable. I love to try to keep a balance of info, but this is more serious than anything I’ve probably ever talked about other than salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Love you. But this would be GAME OVER!

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So I have a lot of articles saved when I first started researching back in April and so here is one of the first links I found


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