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Mark Bush aka Mark Bizzle aka Mark the dj aka Dj Markus.

A few years ago I was born again in a very radical and supernatural way thanks be To God! When The Almighty delivered me from my pain and addiction I instantly stoped listening to secular music. It wasn’t even a thought almost. It’s crazy because when I was born again I was driving my car and when I pulled over after being blinded, christian music was playing on pandora and it was like every single song was amazing to me; they all felt like they were speaking to my soul and knew exactly what I was feeling and thinking.

For the past 29 months or so I have been on a mission to create a Christian Radio station due to the cookie cutter version of Christian Radio found on the fm dial. I do not want to deface the image of Christian Radio but I am not a big fan at all.

The Time Is Now!Radio station will focus on more alternative (to what is being played on k-love and the likes) christian/gospel/faith based music with genuine Christian artists. We will play from time to time David Crowder or Shane and Shane but for the most part we will focus on what I like to call “Christian Alternative” with many varieties.

I will also start to schedule live shows, worship services in random locations, guest dj’s, guest musicians, and we are looking for new artists and people with great testimonies or if you just want to share the love of Christ.

Thank You and God bless.



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