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20/20 Summary

todayDecember 31, 2020 1

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So many different ways of describing this many different perspectives to come from for me. Expect the un-expected was a early mantra I had for this year. I wanted to do something different this year and in a way I did and in a way I felt like a complete failure but overall completely satisfied in the growth and knowledge that I grew in this year with and certainly by the grace of the Almighty God through His Son Jesus.
This year certainly had each and every day of un-expected or more like pre-planned ridiculous charges and changes brought forth on the world in a manner of fear and chaos. Satan is the god of this world and his tactics involve dividing people and that is one thing that he definitely did throughout the year. He divided us on our beliefs of the world and what was happening in our world. He divided us in the church and divided those that may or may not have the same beliefs in what was being told on tv.
There was brought forth division physically and most definitely a divide spiritually. This year definitely helped me see more of the Spiriti realm than the physical as there is much more going on in the spiritual realm than in the physical.
To understand what happened this year, we needed to be operating in The Word of God and being led by His Spirit. I know for me I was challenged to stay focused even though I had a massive amount of time on my hands and got in my funks and got in my quiet modes as that is where sometimes the enemy can take advantage as i knew this was a sick tactic he was using to do so and divide us. There were the days in which God was really speaking through me and I was able to go out and do something I had never done before and that was street open air preaching. It was super scary, but super liberating in the way of bringing forth a word from the Lord in a open manner and I think God may have some sort of street ministry in the works.
God also helped me to start to develop a radio station birthed out of my lack of love for mainstream christian music stations and my recognition of the time at hand and the days in which we are living in right now; God had me call it “The Time Is Now!Radio” and if you have been my friend for any time you probably have seen me overuse that phrase!! But it was from 2 Corinthians 6.2..

Another thing that I loved that God did was bring forth great and wonderful new friendships in The Lord Jesus Christ this year as I have become friends with some of the most amazing believers that I have ever seen. I have seen a massive outreach here in the United States and overseas in countries like Pakistan and all over Africa, Philipines and many other countries as I have friends on at least 4 continents and probably arond 30 or so different countries. I have been so blessed in developing some of these friendships over the year.
Aside from all of the chaos and madness that I posted and talked about this year..I know one thing to be true and that is the Word of God is the truth. It is the way that leads to salvation.I know now that we have to actively follow God’s Word, do it and speak it.
My life has had many stronghold and I was completely delivered from alcoholism and still had underlying conditions in which sometimes keep me bound in fear and anxiety and that my untrust in what God did on the cross and putting my faith in myself get me bound up in chains again. I challenge anyone that is battling to let whatever go is blocking your being in right standing with God. Whatever the idol that needs to go or whatever sin that needs to be repented of; let it go and give it to The Lord Jesus The Christ. He is the redeemer and it is only by His blood that you can be saved; plus being baptised in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins, which you can find in Acts 2.
I can surely tell you that there is absolutely nothing in this life that is worth missing the kingdom of God and His Son Jesus. He is the King, He is coming back to rule and reign and we still have the opportunity to seek Him and believe on Him and follow His Word. If we are not following it I believe that we will not have access to the Kingdom. Jesus said repent or perish. There is no in between.
I believe that we have been given the notice that things in the physical are telling us that things are happening in the Spirit and that by His Word and The Testimonies of His saints Is that He is coming and He is coming soon.
Are you for sure you will make it in? Are you absolutely sure if you die tonight or tomorrow that you will make it in the Kingdom of God? Is your name written in the Lambs book of Life? Do you have eternal security in the name of Jesus? Have you been changed from your old-self and re-born into a new person? Are you repented of all sin and washed in the blood of Yeshua? He is coming back so soon and I hope that you are ready.
This year was full of deception, illusions and magic to trick billions of people into believing a lie. The lie has now taken root in millions of lives and it grows each and every day. This coming year is going to be the most crooked and deceptive time in our history and will probably come with some sort of destruction to the United States. Things are going to get so unbelievably hard and we may be separated this year so be ready for anything and just like this year at the beginning I kept saying “expect the un-expected”; we may have our lives destroyed this year.

Do not give in. Do not put your trust in this world. Do not believe anything these people are telling you. Believe only in the Word of God and His Son Jesus. There is no hope in the government and the pharmaceuticals of this world. That is the deception. It is the sorcery that is deceiving the whole entire world as prophesied in Revelation 18.23. You are being deceived into taking sorcery so that you will forever be changed from the perfect imge of God into the image of the beast satan.
This year is going to test everyting you have for you and for your family, but the question is; will you exchange your soul for the temporal comforts of this life? Will you loose your life here on this earth so that we can be spared? There are so many rumors and things I have heard throughout this year about what is to come and I know that it’s coming; it’s just a matter of time; When? Is the question..when will it happen..some say very soon. Plenty of things point to this being the most crucial year of our time and that because this year will determine possibly your entire eternal existence and that is either believing in the truth of Jesus The Christ and being dedicated to His Word until the END or believing in the lie the gods of this world are offering you which is to get back to so-called normal for an exchange of your soul.
We need to pray like never before and come together like never before and nevermind the anti-social rules and do as His Word says and that is to not forsake the assembly and we need to lay hands and pray and prophesy over each other and give our Heavenly Father the praise He deserves. Now is the Time..The Time Is Now that we stand firm in the fatih of Jesus. Our weapon is the Word of God. Guns, and carnal weapons will serve us no good on the day of judgement. I pray for myself that I stand firm and stand tall and endure to the end and press towards the prize of the calling like Paul. I love each and everyone of you.
God Blessings in 2021..or which you will see me notate as 20(Agenda)21. Mark

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  1. Haddi on December 31, 2020

    Mark..that was the greatest most endearing and honest epilogue and testimony. Honest and real with determination and hard core truth!! It was a blessing to read and moat of all. Be a part of your journey as your mom and best friend. I knew one day you would come back to Jesus but He gave me a far greater gidt than ever i could have imagined!!! Your wisdom and self reflect, your honesty and wisdom comes truly from His Holy Spirit!! I love the raw truth as that will truly set us free!! May this year bring you blessings beyond and open doors to minister and be ministered to! May you find even more truth, more love, more wisdom. He will teach and stretch you at the same time!!! He blinded you to show you His love and guidance, mostly His only need JESUS!! He is our source.It is He who awakened you and broke the chains that had you bound..but praise are free now son!!! I cannot thank Jesus enough!! Amen Mark may His light lead and guide you the rest of your days son..i love you so much. There is nothing that could ever ever ever make me happier and proud if you will!! God has prepared you for such a time as this!!!!

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