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A Cry of War

todayFebruary 8, 2021 6 1

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The battle is so real..SO un-mistakenly REAL and present. What I thought for so long the World provided for me was such a facade and blanket of willing blindness to true reality; Romans 1.18 at it’s finest..”suppression of the truth in all unrighteousness”.
If there is not a battle for your soul right now and the present time; im not sure what is going on. the enemy satan is truly a trickster..the joker..the mocker..the faker..the magician. full of illusions and deception..and is coming to collect your soul.
Where is Truth? It’s a hard thing to swallow when all you can realize is that the world has been played and happy as hell about eternal riches for worthless pleasure and brokenness..pleasure that can never be satisfied until death consumes it is a never ending worthless cycle of torment and pain. It’s not worth any of the light of Victory, Praise and Eternal Life found in ONLY ONE! What will a man exchange for his soul? The soul is our most valuable possession and yet we hardly give it a shout out; but rather crave empty victory and open blindness to it’s eternal nature..and praise a man..shout out a team..a false flag of booty and robbery..and thievery. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy men and have no problem taking your crown.
Many are on the broad road and it is almost unfair that An Sovereign Almighty Creator God allows His creation to perish..and I ask WHY ME!!??.but His Almighty ways are not mine..and so my war cry is a cry of sorrow for the hurting..and thankfulness.. for my soul has been redeemed by The Mighty Savior! What will a man exchange for His soul? What is the pleasure in this life that will sacrifice your eternal life?Jesus is The Way The Truth and The REALITY..and REALITY is getting ready to make it’s Personal appearance!!

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  1. Haddi on February 8, 2021

    Excellent and true!!! I will luve to serve Jesus Christ to the end of my days!! I will rejoice and be glad in Him!! I will do my utmost to serve Him and share the gospel. We are redeemed by Jesus the Christ! His mercies are un numbered.. I am so ever thankful for the fift He gave you!! He is delighted in you!!! Blessings to you my beautiful son!!!

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