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Just another satanic ritual you are watching. When they are sworn in they secretly believe that they are becoming somewhat of an Osiris but we are told to call them president.

But all those watching are taking part in their satanic ritual as well have now been put under the spell of witchcraft and sorcery. If you have worn a mask, practiced social distancing or already been deceived into taking the operating system disguised as a vaccine then you have also taken part in the ritual and have made a commitment to the new world order and all that comes with it.

Pretty soon the military and fema will be knocking on all our doors to offer us the first phase of the mark of the beast. Since March of last year I have been warning you of this coming prick and some of you ignored those warning and some of you are Christians. My mother was given a dream about the certificates as a warning and not really anyone listened. If you have already taken part in this ritual you are receiving your DEATH CERTIFICATES and I warned you right away as well as put out 6-7 hours of discussion on this luciferian beast jab and have done countless hours of research as well as been confirmed on my research by at least 2 Medical Doctors and a few watchmen, pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ so I do not take this lightly.

So guess what they want to make sure that you will be good and “safe” and “healthy” with now a 3rd dose to ensure your allegiance to their new so called normal. if you are a christian and you have been fooled into taking this thing; you better realize your eternity is at stake and they got you into taking part in a satanic ritual by consuming the (1)name of the beast, (2)baby fetal tissue from a 14 week old male aborted babies disguesed as MRC-5(which makes is part of satanic rituals), nano technology in the form of nanobots which will link you to the 5gee system,  as well as mRNA technology from an unapproved so-called vaxeen from a company that never even put 1 out in their entire existence(did you do any amount of research or did you leave it up to sanjay gupta and dr wizard of oz to tell you it’s cool??).

I warned trump supporters last year when they told you he had the phony bolony that it was to trick you into taking the vaxeen but most of you thought I was out of line..perhaps now that the pedo is in charge you will listen..they are going to cause most of you to take the mark of the beast which most of you have by conforming to all of their wicked satanic mandates and rituals in the first place.

The next step is to cause you to think this is for the common good and to love your neighbor as yourself as I’ve heard some deceived pastors already exclaiming to their deceived congregations already..leading them straight to the lake of fire.

Last year I also very early on said that very tough decisions will have to be made and decision time is upon us. How will you act if they fire you from your job if you deny the jab? Or deny you your life savings? Or deny you insurance, entrance into the dmv to renew your license, or publix denies you entrance to buy your family food because you don’t have your vax certificate of immunization card?(soon to be covi-pass on your phone)? This isn’t a joke any longer and most have been so deceived that they think that the color of your skin makes you special or more important than your fellow human to trick you into taking this jab because you “matter” to them. Jesus warned us of this in Matthew 24.4 “be ye not deceived”

Shame on you if you took part (especially as a Christian) in any of the satanic rituals last year as you are a puppet and highly mis-led by the spirit of anti-christ. I myself have such a heavy heart for you and even myself as I am going to have to stand for what I believe in which is only The Messiah Yeshua-Jesus Christ because we will ALL BLACK, WhITE and BROWN(because the color of our skin is so important now!!!) stand before Him and give an account whether you believe it or not!!

His Word is so true and so accurate that it is coming to pass right before all of our eyes and all you can scream out is “f” trump and black lives matter and trump train.

If you take a scroll on my timeline you will not see any pro-trump messages as Im well aware he was a puppet as well and did his job moving forward with the new world order as bush 1, bush 2, clinton, obama and now pedo jo and the wicked witch from the west will do exactly the same thing.

Right now there are many countries fighting the lockdowns and the vaxeens and all i see from Americans is how trump is still the president and how biden is going to save us all because pedophiles are now cool apparently.(just side-bar..if you have children..would you leave your kid with this guy??just a silly question I know but the way he snoops around little kids is sickening)

It’s sad to see Christians lining up to basically take the mark of the beast because after your first shot comes the 2nd and now the 3rd..and covid-21,23 right around the corner and spars starting in 2025..ITS NEVER GOING TO actually thought that staying 6x6x6 ft away from each other was for your health? And smothering your oxygen holes was to “slow the spread”?? You are one bad decision away from taking the mark of the beast and you think it’s because you are doing your part. I  mean goodness the thing wasn’t approved for a reason; probably because it isn’t a’s an operating system.

I hope that this nation repents of it’s stupidity and closing it’s church’s before celebrating a known sicko practicing satanic rituals right before your eyes. Guess what you have bowed to Rome because that is who you serve. This is the most important time of our life and could we have some sense and come together as a nation to fight the real battle and that is the wickedness of principalities and powers in high places..not each other and certainly not the color of our skin. If you have to use the fact that you are white, black or brown, to people that have 2 functioning eyeballs then you are the problem and you are the one that will have to suffer for your idolatry and worship of your pigmentation of your skin color.

Did Jesus die on a cross for the black man or the black woman..or the white man or white woman? He died for the WHOSOEVER THAT BELIEVES. and if you don’t believe then you will perish. There are no other alternatives..there isn’t a gender neutral place to go for all those that can’t seem to admit their true identity and how God made us.

God bless anyone that can take this message as a heart felt letter and not an angry or mad individual but someone that was so disgusting and so wretched in my own sin.. and now so redeemed and forgiven by the ONLY ONE that can offer true forgiveness Jesus It hurts my heart to watch what is happening to this great nation of ours and it’s people. Blessings in Yeshua. I love you guys. The Time Is Now!

2 Corinthians 6.2

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