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January 1st

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Last year I likened it to boot camp. Basically last year was boot camp conditioning for taking the mark of the beast and most of you are ready for boot camp the purpose is to rid you of your old ways; they want to “wash your brain” into a new way and new order. Its a reset of sorts. We are battling with True wickedness in high places. We are fighting principalities and rulers of the darkness. (see Ephesians 6.12)These men/women we see on tv have sacrificed their life for power, money and control. They are satanic by their dedication to the new world order and the rituals they perform mostly right in front of our faces, but we are not privy to see what is really going calling them satanic isn’t something I make up,,it is a known fact and solidified by their actions. It seems that most of us still think the government is on our side and that they are doing all of this for our health and that trump is still going to be president..they planned the fradulent elections as distractions just like everything else this year was..can I ask you trump stopping from what is happening in any regard whatsoever? How do you think we will benefit from it if he stays me when I say this..he is part of the plan and he is just another player or more like actor in the stage of this deception.
Will this be the year they take over or will this be the time that we finally stand up as a Nation and actually unite over our freedom and sovreign rights, instead of killing each other over the color of our skin??they have defied the constitution at every single turn; so why especially as Christians are we subjected to their tyrannical rule? The apostles obeyed the law of God and not the tyranny put forth by men; but most Christians have become so weak that we obey men better than they obey The Word of God. Most people don’t even take their bible to church so how in the world do you even know if your pastor is preaching the Word of God..just because he quotes a scripture doesn’t mean he is preaching the truth..if your pastor isn’t warning you about what is to come then he isn’t a pastor. he is your enemy and he needs to warn his flock of what is about to happen..and if he doesnt’ know or have the forsight to see then he shouldn’t be leading anyone.
So, Are we just going to sit in our comfort this year and let it all happen or will we at least go down sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Will we pray for our enemy? Will we start going back to the assembly of the saints; praying, singing and worshiping Jesus in Spirit and in Truth? Or will we keep practicing satanic rituals in the house of God? Yes, everything these sick individuals have us doing is satanic in nature. And Christians are practicing them in the house of God. Last year for me was not a wake up call because I figured most of what I needed to figure out before the president ever even announced no flights from china. I had already found out about event 201 and all the bill g connections. Last year was a year of bootcamp of sorts in Spiritual battle and warfare and how to deal with righteous anger. I was very angry for a lot of last year mostly due in part of dumb people believing in every single thing they see on the black scrying mirror in their living room. It’s not republican vs democrat. It’s The Holy vs. The un-holy and everything that is happening is un-holy and it is a plan and it is written even in stone in Georgia..and the repulicans are just as un-holy as the other idiot luciferians. Im not sure how blind you have to be to see that we went from so-called normal to basically the mark of the beast in one year. What do you think is about to happen?? Im not sure if you are ready; heck Im not even sure if Im ready..but If I have one piece of humble advice..Get to know the Word of God; and Get to Know Him on a personal basis. You will NOT be able to deal with what is to come if you do not have His word in you or if you do not have a real personal relationship with Him that is secure and tight. Last year very early on I posted something like..decisions are going to have to be made..I was alluding to the mark of the beast that I knew was coming. Most definitely rings even truer as we are seeing of somewhat of a device they are using that sounds exactly like what Revelation 13.16,17 says. God blessings.

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