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The 2025 Playbook

todayDecember 27, 2020 6

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At the very beginning of this mountain of manipulation, I realized a few things very quickly; I knew cash was going to disappear and I figured this was event 21 as well as the new world order which the 2 are sort of the same. I soon found a video exposing the lie through event 201 which was a pandemic like simulation put on by John Hopkins University and was played out in October of 2019 just months before the so-called pandemic took place on tv.

Well this thing isn’t going away and they have much more planned. This is just the drill for the real thing. The bible talks about in Revelation 18 that the entire world was deceived by sorcery. Something to notice here is the problem reaction solution that is so very well planned out and the vaccines or which what I have dubbed the luciferian enzyme encoded dna changing beast jab as the solution to this so called problem of this so called pandemic.

So here is something interesting that I just found and it is nothing more than the pandemic SPARS that will eventually be played out starting in 2025-2028. So the c-19 will be played out until looks like around spring of 2025; which looks as if this documentation is the real thing.

Here is a pre-programmed headline and a snippet of the headline

“In mid-October 2025, three deaths were reported among members of the First Baptist Church of St.Paul, Minnesota. Two of the church members had recently returned from a missionary trip to thePhilippines, where they provided relief to victims of regional floods. The third was the mother of a church member who had also traveled to the Philippines with the church group but who had been only mildly sick himself.”

All i know Is that this is all apart of a wicked plan that will eventually trigger the tribulation and the return of our Great Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ!!

Today is the day of salvation!! 2 Corinthians 6.2

This is the John Hopkins playbook for the next crisis. Get ready and fight this battle in the Spirit of the Father!!

Here is the entire 89 page playbook.

Don’t forget your Just Say No to the beast jab shirts!!

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