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A Facebook Post about the Vax

todayJanuary 26, 2021 6

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Here is yet another FB post from a friend that even shows a diagram of the CV 5G nanoparticle diagram: Post by Miko Turkovic

“WARNING – VACCINE The Russians managed to get nanochips out of Pfizer’s vaccine and published a scheme and functions! I’ll walk you through everything shortly. The chip consists of only 4 processors and 4 transistors. Signal via 5 G network enters left on INPUT. That’s how they control you. Power is done through the heat of your body and all parts are connected to that voltage. The signal is processed in the first processor with a frequency filter and transistor, which reinforce it. The increased signal continues to go to another processor controlling it’s MT-2 GAIN or how much impact your psycho will be. That control is variable and can reinforce it or reduce it as desired. The original record says that part has, I quote: ′′ An unholy amount of gain “, which is very bad. Silicone diodes control the electricity they allow to activate the virus in vaccines, after which everything goes through another phase of signal reinforcement and filtering external influences – thus prevent doctors detect your chip with scanners, literally hide it. TL072 is a very expensive processor and is especially used for military purposes, you can’t just get it in a mortgage or something. BASS and TREBLE controls adjust the instructions you can hear in your head, every man is different and depending on whether you are a woman or a man can demand frequency adjustment. This is also a 5 G FreQ control, which moves scooped mid control for stronger ′′ impact ′′ in case your immune system is extremely strong. VOLUME control is used for the overall power of the chip, which is sometimes sensitive to your personal and personal vibration frequency, depends on whether you are in the stage of happiness or generosity or sadness. OUT puts detox toxins into your body as byproducts of chip functioning. You will notice that there is also FOOTSWITCH control on the chart, it serves to conceal to various parts of the body during your daily movement, which can be concealed into various parts of the body, recognizing acupressure points on the foot. They thought of everything, but didn’t count on good people around the world! ENOUGH FOR THE SMART!” -Miko Turkovic

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A Facebook Post on The Vax

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todayJanuary 26, 2021 1

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