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Does Warp Speed really just about the fast delivery of vaccines; or is it something much deeper? Each and every day is just another unveiling of wicked plots, magic and trickery that is proven over and over to be the plans of the devil hidden in plain sight. Some may ask why even do this and why does this matter if you believe in Jesus; and my short answer is because Yeshua in Matthew 24.4 says “be ye not deceived” Right before Jesus went into his discourse on what to look for and what would be the signs of His second coming, He told them to not be deceived.

So today in my daily research, I found a video that unraveled the Operation Warp Speed logo and it certainly telling us something behind the veil. These symbols are esoteric and satanic in nature; new age, spiritualism and mysticism. It truly confirms the spiritual satanic nature of this operation as well as we have covered some of the physical components that point to it being a possible damning serum.

Below is the logo for the operation warp speed and this young Christian man revealed and broke down what this symbolism means and why it should tell us more revelatory information.

The first thing that he mentions was the cube that is placed behind the “c-v” image. So he did a research on the cube and come to find out it is a antaḥkaraṇa symbol. Well, I’m not sure about you, but I had no idea what that word meant or never have even heard that word in my life before tonight. Below is the wikipedia definition of antaḥkaraṇa .

Another description says that “antaḥkaraṇa” refers to the entire psychological process, including mind and emotions, are composing the mind levels, as described above, which are mentioned as a unit that functions with all parts working together as a whole. Furthermore, when considering that mind levels are bodies, they are: manomayakośa – related to manas – the part of mind related to five senses, and also craving for new and pleasant sensations and emotions, while buddhi (intellect, intelligence, capacity to reason), is related to vijñānamayakośa – the body of consciousness, knowledge, intuition and experience.

Antahkarana also refers to a symbol used in the Reiki healing method.

Here are a few clips from the website and a link listed below to do more reading.

Here is another source of information on the antahkarana and it’s origins. This image below is the antahkarana symbol used in the operation warp speed logo located behind the c-v symbol.

What Does Antahkarana Mean

The word Antahkarana originates in Sanskrit – Antar means “interior”, or “within”, and Karana means “sense”, or “organ”.

But the subject at hand has a different reference – the Antahkarana symbol and its power.

NoteYou might notice a similarity between the Antahkarana and the malevolent “Swastika” from Nazi symbolism. In their case, its purpose was to manipulate and dominate. The Swastika has nothing in common with the original Antahkarana – which is meant to cleanse, heal and connect to the Divine higher-self. Its purity and beneficial energy should be promoted and harmoniously used for our evolution as human beings.

Here is another section of the website

Types Of Antahkarana Symbol

The most common forms of the Antahkarana symbol are the male and female ones.

Antahkarana Female Symbol

You will notice that the female version of Antahkarana (Yin Antahkarana) has slightly thinner and shorter arms.

Antahkarana Female Symbol

This one has an emotional healing purpose and I recommended using it with the Sei He Ki symbol from Usui Reiki. This will help cleanse and activate the Anahata and Ajna chakra.

This combination also has the potential to heal and awaken apathy or monotonous couple relationships.

Yin Antahkarana can be very useful for the past (even karmic) deep emotional traumas.

Antahkarana Male Symbol

The male version of Antahkarana (Yang Antahkarana) has slightly thicker and shorter arms.

Antahkarana Male Symbol

It is responsible for amplifying the energy fields of the chakras, especially for MuladharaSvadhishthana, and Manipura.

By doing so, Yang Antahkarana can boost your energy level and vitality.

It also has the ability to bring balance to the Yin and Yang energies that are within each one of us.

Oddly enough, when placed under the bed (or under the mattress), this symbol can help cure insomnia and generate the necessary energies for a night of deep and calm sleep.

Here is a link to

Here is another website to check out and read up on as well as 2 paragraphs from the website. This thing goes into the egg which is a rebirth of sorts and that ties into the great reset and the reset of the mind, body and spirit; except this is obviously the counterfeit to the Almighty and His Son and Holy Spirit that dwells within Christians.

Here are a few paragraphs from another article:

“When meditating with the symbol on your person or close by, it automatically creates what the Taoists call the great microcosmic orbit wherein the psychic energies that would normally enter the crown chakra enter the feet and travel up the back of the body to the top of the head and then down the front to the feet again, thus grounding the person to the earth and creating a continuous flow of energy through the chakras.

It will also neutralize negative energy that has collected in objects such as jewellery or crystals simply by placing the object between two symbols. In addition, it will enhance all healing work including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression etc. These positive effects have been confirmed over and over by the improved results noted by those using the symbol and by clairvoyant observation by those trained in sensing changes in the aura and chakras.”

Here is the link to the YouTube video for now until it’s taken down. I don’t really feel necessary to record this video as all of the links are provided and we can do the reading and research on our own; but guys this vaccine means so much more and is meant to tap into our chakras, and heal our bodies with wicked deception. Pray fast and stand strong because this day is coming upon all of us at warp speed.

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