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Where is Jesus in the New World Order?

todayNovember 15, 2020

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As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I would be remiss If I asked this question. I think as you may start to gather that I am a researcher and love finding new things and putting the pieces of the puzzle together like a lot of us have done this year. Thankfully more people are starting to do research as when the so called virus hit, I was already knee deep in research on ID2020 and Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.

All of these man made agendas have officially come to life and those that have been warning people for years about them can finally get some rest; or at least that’s what we thought. If anything this year has been an explosion in research and truth finding and has gained a lot of momentum.

Along the road of the last year or so of research I stumbled upon one of the most official websites there is now and that is The World Economic Forum website. This website was shown to me by a Youtuber and I quickly went over to try and find what he was showing; which by the way, he did not actually reveal the website, I just paused the video and figured it out.

When I found the site, It took me a great deal of time to find what he was showing. It was an interactive map as shown below.

To access this map you must sign up for the email and then they actually have to approve you, so go over to and see if you can find it on your own; some good research home-work for you. So, this map is super detailed in the new world order plan. It is to the elite known as the “Great Reset”. This supposed reset is going to merge us into one all big happy family; but the devil is in the details and if we know anything about the elite is that they say one thing and actually mean something totally different or it is cloaked in goodness but it is certainly a poisonous cupcake in the end.

So a few weeks ago I was on the site and putting in the search bar a few different queries after seeing everything from 5G to sustainability, climate change, and so many other world hoaxes out there. This site was written by some of the most devoted people to satan that there is. Anyway, I put a few different things in the search bar such as “Jesus” “church services” “places to Worship” are a few pics from this search..

Yep! NO RESULTS for church services
No Results for “places to worship”
What!? No Jesus in the new world order?? Come ON!!

But more than that there is all the economic systems of the world and all the developing countries to go along with this. This is totalitarianism and it is definitely the new world order and according to Revelation 13, a picture of the end time one world system Jesus gave us in the Revelation He gave to John.

Jesus told us in Matthew 6.24 that we cannot serve God and mammon. Are we going to bow down to the new world order system? Or will we rise up, take charge and stand for Jesus in these last days?

God Bless you friends!

Repent and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

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