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Matthew 6:24

todayNovember 9, 2020 2

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If we are following Jesus Christ of Nazareth here on this earth, then in no way shape or form are we to mingle ourselves with the world system. Of course we must provide for our families, work, pay our taxes and abide by the law of the land; until there comes the time in which the world laws are imposing on the laws and statutes brought forth by God in His Word.

Last night I was having a discussion with a young man and he was pushing universal health care. After telling him that countries like Australia which was the country that was represented was on complete lockdown. The government controls healthcare and so the government are also in full and totalitarian control of your so called health by staying indoors for unhealthy amounts of time as well as sky high taxes and a myriad of other things. After discussing and he fired back and told me that if I was pro-life then there is no way that I could NOT be in favor of this one world system healthcare that he was pushing. So, in a what I hoped was a Godly way of telling him that after I was quoted $663.00 per month with obamacare and had a plethora of medical bills to go along with my hernia and a few scriptures to back up my claim that this is still wrong even though Im the exact type of individual that would greatly benefit from universal healthcare.

My entire point of this post is to warn you of the danger that is coming and that what God has shown me since January and the new world order. In Matthew 6:24 Jesus says “NO one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will by loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

In this verse Jesus is warning us not to serve this world. Sure we must fulfill our earthly duties and obey mans laws; but however I am convinced that we are to obey God’s perfect Word above all else. Even unto death I will follow His word and it seems like some Christians are being bamboozled and don’t realize they are headed for a trap. After giving this kid a mess of verses to read, the debate was ended because he couldn’t provide or respond with one single verse out of the bible to back up his worldly claim. Listen Chrisitans! This is the NEW WORLD ORDER. This is set up for complete and total control. Mandatory Vaccines with this universal healthcare which means, you at some point may be forced or backed into a corner to take this Vaccine which I have dubbed “the mRNA DNA gene altering luciferese enzyme encoded death jab” which would change your DNA and the image in which God created us in. Do you realize how important it is to see in the spirit right now? Please Do not be decieved. Jesus warned us later in Matthew 24 to “be ye not deceived”. Do not be deceived in these last days brothers and sisters. And also, if a brother or sister is trying to get you to see something, don’t always think it’s them attacking you. Maybe you need to ask for more spiritual discernment. God Bless.


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  1. Jennifer Hoffmann on November 9, 2020

    💯Most people do not know how entangled in the matrix we’ve become. It all becomes “normal “ and the lines get blurred. Thank you for pointing out yet another way that these systems are ungodly and are set up for our ruin.
    God bless you and your work brother Mark!!! Amen.

  2. Haddi on November 9, 2020

    Wow!! What wisdom comes from you Mark!! It is ONLY THROUGH AND BY AND WITHIN Gods holy word that we must follow.. If we are born again, and we read Gods word and follow after Him, that we no longer see things as before. We must look through our SPIRITUAL new eyes as you have done.. To be able to detect a lie a deceit.. You must have your lamp FULL of oil or you will go down thay wide gate that leads to death.. Thank you for giving us the truth! The truth, Jesus truth shall surely set us free!!!

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