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My Mothers Dream

todayNovember 9, 2020

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Please be aware this was given to me back on either March 27 or 28th. The day is super important, but what is the content. I will also try to get her to do an interview and she can tell you herself. God bless you abundantly in Spirit!!

MY MOM HAD A DREAM!!In my addiction days I would just shrug off whatever crazy Christian-Jesus filled stuff my mom would say and say something to suffice her ears..although God’s Word never returns void, so it all was just seed after seed getting planted in my soul!!However, since my re-birth..I listen very closely to some of the words that she says..most things that require wisdom and discernment she is usually spot-on..I can now listen and hear what she says because God blessed me with HIS Holy Spirit..(those who have an ear to hear,,let HIM/HER hear what the Spirit is sayingRevelations)She had this dream last night about the end times and literally Jesus is speaking to her and telling her HE is coming back soon!!..if you know my mom, she is a woman of great integrity and does not fudge on anything,,especially the works of The Lord Jesus Christ!!When she told me this dream I was working, but I was paying attention..however after reading her post, it just kind of sunk in a lot more now that I am super locked in..anyways, you guys can take it for what it is worth, but all the signs are pointing to a soon return..This world is for the birds and the wicked..Very soon, Father God and His son will set up a new heaven and new earth..this earth is quickly passing away!! Be prepared for what is to come, because it doesn’t get any better from here!! Stay strapped into God’s word and pray..we need crazy prayer right now!!I know in just a few short years, God has opened my eyes to HIS word, HIS plan and ever since Jan 1st of this year,,it was like a lightbulb went off in my head about Matthew seemed like everyday starting January 1st 2020 things just really got different and I mean like in a way that made me kept going back to Matthew 24..But read her very short dream..We need to make sure we are ready at all times!!**Here is her dream**I am NOT one for dreams..but i had a dream.. I was on a bus or a very long train or boat or so it seemed.. With hundreds maybe thousands of people.. Some i knew , some, I did not. I was looking up in the sky and in an instant i mean an instant..everyone around me had these certificates if you will.. But i did not have one.. I was crying with my hands raised to the Lord.. I said” Lord, Jesus have I not served you have I not shared the gospel have I not shared the truth and the Bible with people, children, family.. Why didnt i get one??? The Lord said” MY Sharon, you are MY child.. I love you.. Please tell the people i AM coming soon.. I am coming back to take my people..please stay close to NOT be deceived. Stay under my feathers of protection but tell them tell them.. I am coming back soon!!!!! Tell them to get their hearts right and believethat I am the Messiah…and ask me into their hearts..when i woke up.. I was crying and burdened…. My husband prayed about why i didnt get ” a certificate” ( of death sentence” and told me..( Such wisdom.). Honey , you will get a crown when you get to heaven for sharing the gospel… The papers were for the Lost ones going to hell..There names are not written in the Lambs book of life for rejecting Gods son..**conclusion of dream**There is still time..for God has been merciful and full of grace.. But time is running short.. These are the beginning of birthing pains.. This is all in the Bible y’all.. We are not afraid becuase we are prepared..are you????ReadJoel 2:28Acts 2:17Isaiah 44:3Read Matthew 24 regarding end timesRead revelation the last book in the Bible.. Let no man deceive you..I love you but.. Jesus loves you more.. He whispered your name a long time ago.. Will you give your life to him as He gave His life for you…

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